SigmaNEST Color Offload

SigmaNEST® Color Offload™ In a fabrication shop, mixing work orders saves time and material, but also creates the potential for error when unloading and sorting parts. SigmaNEST Color Offload eliminates confusion by color-coding and displaying parts grouped with the orders to which they belong. At the same time, the machine

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Just-in-Time Manufacturing, SigmaTEK Services, and The Fabricator

Adjusting to a just-in-time manufacturing environment Getting the correct information in place and enhancing communication ensure responsive, flexible activity on the shop floor "Design for manufacturability, just-in-time nesting, paperless order processing, and systems integration put a metal fabricator in a position to eliminate waste and reap the rewards of just-in-time

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Best Practices in Laser Cutting

For best practices in laser cutting and fabrication, one important way to save money and time and increase productivity is by improving the cutting paths and pierce points. Reducing the number of times a laser makes a pierce will extend tool life. Creating smarter cutting patterns speeds up the cutting

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Drop a Buck on Us at FABTECH

  Win a premium compound bow or a Bass Pro Shops Gift Certificate at FABTECH! Not a hunter? No worries! Then you can take a hike...or catch a fish, paddle a canoe- how you spend your free time and your gift certificate is up to you. With SigmaNEST X1 you

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Composite Material Cutting and SigmaNEST

In the aerospace, marine, and automotive industries, composite materials are used to make everything from airplanes to boats to race cars lighter and stronger. As you might guess, carbon fiber and other composite materials cost far more than an average steel used for manufacturing. That’s what makes the CAD/CAM Nesting

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The SigmaNEST ROI Calculator

Recently, we launched our new SigmaNEST website and shared our Five Minute Tour, which highlights some of the most exciting features of the new website. One of our new features is the Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator. ROI Calculator: Interested in knowing how much $ SigmaNEST and our suite of

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What’s New in SigmaNEST 10.2 Service Pack 5

On September 16, 2015, the SigmaNEST Software Development Team released the newest version of SigmaNEST: 10.2 Service Pack 5. We're delighted to offer new features and improved functionality in this latest release and hope you'll read through the following to see what we've been working on here at SigmaNEST. In

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SigmaNEST in Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine

This month, leading industry publication Fabricating & Metalworking features SigmaNEST in a two-page editorial article. It begins: M Is for Impact Advanced CAD / CAM Nesting Software Enables Fabricators to Become More Competitive by Making the Greatest Impact in These Five Process Areas of Profitability SigmaNEST article in Fabricating

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Reduce Scrap with SigmaNEST

Hey… Cut the Scrap! In an August survey of fabricators and distributors, 86% said they expected the cost of raw materials to either increase or remain the same through this time next year. That is surprising considering the recent global economy slowdown that has seen the demand for steel and

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