Why Your Boss Should Send You to SigmaTEK Academy

SigmaNEST knows that it's not always easy to get away from work. Whether it's a tight schedule or trouble getting time off requests approved, stepping away is never easy. Do you want to attend the SigmaTEK Academy this May but don't know how to ask your boss?

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How Organized is Your Shop Floor?

Be honest, how organized is your shop floor? Does it look something like the image shown above? If it does, you’re not alone. Shop floor organization is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face. If it makes you feel better, the image above is from a real company who

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Introducing SigmaNEST 365

SigmaNEST has just released a new way for you to move your operations into the cloud. SigmaNEST 365 is server-based software that will offer multiple benefits for any size shop. Check out a few of the most exciting benefits below!  Free up your computers to run at

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Industry 4.0 – What You Really Need to Know:

Industry 4.0 has become a buzz word that is hard to ignore in the manufacturing industry. It seems to consume webinar topics and headlines for popular magazines. When you type "Industry 4.0" into the Google search bar the results might seem a little daunting. Upon

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SigmaTEK Academy: LAUNCH into the Future

The seventh annual SigmaTEK Academy is gearing up for some major changes in 2017. This May 9th and 10th the SigmaTEK Academy wants to empower individuals and manufactures to launch into the future of manufacturing. Here are the mission critical changes you should know about:

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Asking “Why?”

As January comes to a close and we attempt to follow through with our New Year’s resolutions, you might realize some resolutions are easier than others to implement. If you aren’t spending the first part of the year creating a workout regimen for yourself, why not take the time to

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How to get the most out of SolidWorks World

As a SolidWorks Gold Certified Partner, SigmaTEK attends (and exhibits) at SolidWorks World every year. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to find out more about what’s new with one of the biggest players in the 3D CAD space, but we love to learn from exceptional

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SigmaNEST Furthers Shop Integration in Canada

SigmaTEK has appointed Marius Marx from South Africa to become the Manufacturing Resource Planning system (SigmaMRP) Business Analyst in Toronto, Canada. Marx will further the implementation of SigmaTEK’s MRP system throughout Canada. The decision was made in response to the growing demand for MRP/ERP software solutions in the sheet metal fabrication

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Manufacturing Trends For 2017

The manufacturing industry is multifaceted and robust in nature, and with every new year comes a different set of trends. 2016 held many advances and challenges including the use of robots, advanced analytics, and an increase in e-commerce. Researchers have gone back to the drawing

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Tax Incentives for Software Purchases

The holidays usually signal the approach of the end of the financial year, leaving your budget tight and options somewhat limited. As you look at what's left for 2016 it will be important to find creative ways to make your budget last. The US government wants to help you make

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