5-Axis Cutting Machine Software

When a machine moves in 5 directions, software needs are greater, but SigmaNEST acts as the brains to run complex machines. Software needs to work with the machine and the programmer to run cutting process easily, do it in less programming and machining time, and save the company material and

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Best Practices in Laser Cutting

For best practices in laser cutting and fabrication, one important way to save money and time and increase productivity is by improving the cutting paths and pierce points. Reducing the number of times a laser makes a pierce will extend tool life. Creating smarter cutting patterns speeds up the cutting

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Composite Material Cutting and SigmaNEST

In the aerospace, marine, and automotive industries, composite materials are used to make everything from airplanes to boats to race cars lighter and stronger. As you might guess, carbon fiber and other composite materials cost far more than an average steel used for manufacturing. That’s what makes the CAD/CAM Nesting

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Reduce Scrap with SigmaNEST

Hey… Cut the Scrap! In an August survey of fabricators and distributors, 86% said they expected the cost of raw materials to either increase or remain the same through this time next year. That is surprising considering the recent global economy slowdown that has seen the demand for steel and

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SigmaTEK Coffee Break with Alan van der Vyver

IT departments are the unsung heroes of practically any organization; and SigmaTEK is no different. Let's have a cup of coffee with SigmaTEK’s IT Manager, Alan van der Vyver. Under Alan’s direction, the organization is responsible for internal computing, networking and telephone infrastructure and for global internal systems development and

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SigmaBEND: Importing Parts

Designed especially for press brake applications, SigmaBEND maximizes the speed, quality and flexibility of bending processes with full 3-D simulation. SigmaBEND: Importing Parts Benefits High level of automation Ability to interactively change every programming parameter 3D simulation provides accurate preview of bending process For every step in the programming process

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SigmaNEST Coffee Break with Jennifer Gallagher

Let's get to know... Jennifer Gallagher.  Jennifer is our Regional Sales Representative serving Southern Texas. If you have ever met her you can understand why she is highly regarded among our customers. If you haven’t (and even if you have) you might be surprised to learn a few things. You

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The Importance of CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Too often "Activity" is confused with "Productivity". Fabrication remains an evolving process; and manufacturers must continue to embrace best practices and leading technologies in order to ensure that day-to-day shop floor activities will have a direct and measurable impact on bottom-line productivity. Part 1 According to the National Bureau of

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Tame Plate CNC Data Challenges

The following was contributed by FabTrol Systems and features the capabilities of FabTrol Pro as the steel fabrication management software and SigmaNEST as the shaped-plate nesting software. Sorting through network project folders trying to find the correct CNC data for every cutting plan can get downright unruly and unmanageable. Then,

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SigmaNEST Success Story: Brunswick Steel

Brunswick Steel serves a range of customers throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northern Ontario; and manufacturing efficiency is critical. One main reason that SigmaNEST was selected was an ability to integrate with ERP systems. SigmaTEK’s SimTrans is on-line transaction management solution bridging nesting with ERP/MRP, order entry, and other manufacturing and

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