Cincinnati, OH: SigmaTEK Systems, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting solution provider, has released the latest version of their superior software, SigmaNEST X1.4. The new release offers enhanced features and significant improvements as a part of SigmaTEK’s on-going commitment to delivering innovative software.

The most advanced organizations around the world trust SigmaNEST to help them complete mission-critical work. With SigmaNEST X1.4, fabricators can expect to see increased speed and quality as the software allows their machines to achieve peak performance.

SigmaNEST X1.4 introduces a multitude of brand new innovations including:

►    Customizable ribbon toolbar

►    HD Rectangular Nesting Engine

►    Automatically discard internal cutouts when creating or importing medallion parts


►    Auto Single Hit on contours

►    Multi Drop Nesting for punch machines

►    Help file translation


One commonly requested feature that SigmaNEST X1.4 delivers is the customizable ribbon toolbar. This function allows a user to create custom groups, display functions that are used most often and hide the ones that are not, add and remove functions from all groups, and rearrange all groups and functions within the toolbar. This feature will save users time by removing any unnecessary clicks used to find each function within SigmaNEST. The customizable toolbar allows you to optimize user experience and be efficient with your time and resources.

SigmaNEST X1.4 was designed to make nesting more efficient with the new HD rectangular nesting engine. This new feature allows you to nest rectangular parts with an average of a 3% increase in yield compared to the standard SigmaNEST rectangular nesting engine, optimizing material utilization.



                         HD Rectangular


Another new feature of SigmaNEST X1.4 is a Google Translate button that can translate the content into 12 different languages. This useful tool allows international users to be able to use the software in their native language and be more efficient with their time. This plugin is available in all Help Centers for easy access and use.

SigmaNEST X1.4 features the new Auto Single Hit function that automatically tools all single hits faster and more efficiently. This feature allows a user to choose whether to apply tooling to internal, external, or all contours; be able to select which types of tools will be used; and automatically applies tooling to all single hit contours. Auto Single Hit saves users time and makes work more efficient because you can now automatically tool all single punches without having to manually click on each one.

Jim Lindsey, Director and Product Manager at SigmaTEK, believes the new release will enable companies to improve their efficiency by saving time through more automated steps and utilizing the customizable features will allow each user to optimize their user experience. “We provide our SigmaNEST customers solutions with each new release of software. Our customers and partners drive our product direction and we improve our software based on their needs. This new release covers improvements for every type of user and is one step closer to reaching complete automation.”


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