Our work at SigmaTEK is incredibly complex: an amalgamation of computer science, advanced mathematics, electrical engineering, elemental physics and lean manufacturing methodology, to name a few. We aim our skills at the most critical areas of your business – which we refer to as the 5 M’s of Productivity.


SigmaNEST offers solutions on how to waste less on material through higher nest yield. On average, customers save 4% on material when they switch to SigmaNEST. Material cost is the number one expense of manufacturing. SigmaNEST leverages proprietary artificial intelligence to produce the maximum possible yield with automatic nesting. You will consume less material for the same production of output, lowering cost per part and improving productivity. Our software can also handle multiple processes, repositioning, and nest under and/or around clamps on complex machines.


SigmaNEST delivers the highest return on investment when we establish a true partnership with a customer. For us, this means gaining access to your hardest problems, the relevant data sources and the technical users who are deeply invested in the way your process operates. For you, this means gaining access to our deployed team of tactical engineers who will work directly with you and implement SigmaNEST to overcome your most challenging problems. SigmaNEST is more than just nesting software: it is a platform that connects individuals operations to the entire company, streamlining your process from the office to the shop floor and back again through process optimization, operations control, order management and advanced automation.


By reducing friction between design and production, SigmaNEST dramatically improves the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process through eliminating duplicate work by importing key part and assembly data. Our next-generation solution is designed to connect the systems that are most important to your operations. We follow industry standards and best practices, so none of your data is compromised. You can start with data from multiple sources. As part files, or even assembly files are imported into SigmaNEST, they are transformed into meaningful, accurate shapes that are ready to be nested and cut without losing material properties, bend tolerances or 3D features.


We empower our users, we do not restrain them because we believe in continuous improvement. We use lean methodology to produce software, and we incorporate lean manufacturing principles into the way SigmaNEST operates so you can achieve the most optimal yield on every job. SigmaNEST software helps you define, analyze, control, measure, and improve your processes in the most efficient way possible.


SigmaNEST can support many machines from one seat of software. Unlike other nesting companies, we specialize in a variety of machines to optimize your productivity, no matter what machine you operate on. To view our complete list of machines we nest on, click here.

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