SigmaTEK Systems is excited to showcase our comprehensive software solutions at the Fabtech Expo in Chicago this year. SigmaTEK will unveil a new and larger booth design, complete with comfortable seating and five kiosks for product demonstrations. Attendees can interact with SigmaNEST software through a touch screen monitor and witness the elegance, efficiency and innovation of SigmaNEST up-close. Visitors will be able to see software solutions including SigmaNEST X1.4, SigmaNEST SX, and SimTrans.

In an effort to add value to all attendees, SigmaTEK’s leading in-house experts will discuss industry focused topics throughout the show. Speakers include Jandre TerreBlanche, Vice President of Sales and Monty Brown, Business Development Manager. SigmaTEK will have approximately ten fabrication experts in the booth throughout the week to consult with attendees on nesting automation, smart factory best practices and new metal working innovations.

Meet our experts: Scott Grindstaff, Ryan Lustig, Glenn Durham, Paul Ikeda, Arie Brown and Monty Brown. Their technical understanding of manufacturing processes helps save millions of dollars for SigmaNEST customers and our expert panel looks forward to sharing their knowledge in Chicago.

Scott Grindstaff

Scott Grindstaff is the Inside Sales Manager at SigmaTEK Systems. Scott has 21 years of industry experience, 14 of which have been with SigmaTEK. He holds degrees in Laser Electro Optics and Manufacturing Engineering. Scott draws from his diverse background with a deep understanding of customer needs, to provide solutions to SigmaTEK customers.

Scott will be available in the SigmaTEK booth to provide demos and discuss importing CAD files from 2D and 3D CAD systems and help resolve common problems fabricators need to overcome.

Scott is a Fabtech veteran with 15 years of experience at the expo. As always, Scott is excited to showcase SigmaNEST. “Our flagship product, SigmaNEST, fills the needs that many fabricators have and helps keep them competitive in today’s evolving industry,” says Scott.

Scott enjoys attending Fabtech to see new technologies and industry trends but he especially likes meeting up with current clients. “I like to hear how our users are utilizing the tools available to them, how SigmaNEST is currently helping them, and how we can continue our partnership in the future.”

Ryan Lustig

Ryan Lustig is the Sales Director for the Northeast at SigmaTEK Systems. Ryan has worked with SigmaNEST for seven years and has a deep technical understanding of manufacturing best-practices and the nuanced fabrication challenges that SigmaNEST is designed to solve.

Ryan has a proven success record helping fabricators increase shop performance by connecting equipment, analyzing data and delivering insights. He helps customers leverage key metrics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve productivity in manufacturing operations and monitor operations in real-time.

This year, Ryan is looking forward to showcasing SigmaFUSION, a monitoring system designed to provide you with real time updates on job progress and the status of workstations in each production area. Ryan continually looks forward to showing customers the SigmaNEST Suite: SimTrans, SigmaNEST, Load Manager and Color Offload because he has seen first- hand how SigmaNEST Suite improves efficiency and profitability for his customers.

This will be Ryan’s fifth year attending the Fabtech Expo. “I always enjoy seeing and hearing about the latest technology in the industry and connecting with my customers,” says Ryan. Hearing about their business and how SigmaTEK can help them                                                                                continually improve and achieve their goals is what he looks forward to the most.

Glenn Durham

Glenn serves as the Director of Operations for SigmaTEK where he is responsible for new CAD /CAM deployment projects and managing the technical support team. With 11 years of nesting software experience, Glenn has been able to creatively address the industry’s biggest manufacturing challenges.

Glenn will be attending Fabtech for his fifth year. He will be available in the SigmaTEK booth to talk to fabricators about processing time, estimates, tool changes, and process sequencing to reduce overall machine cycle time and part quality in addition to best practices relating to 3D engineering CAD and impacts on automation and integration. Among many other products SigmaTEK will be showcasing at Fabtech, Glenn looks forward to showing off SigmaNEST punching, because he feels this is a product the development team has made numerous advances with in the past year, and knows it’s a product many customers need.

“I always enjoying see the ‘wow’ look on customer’s faces when we complete our demos,” says Glenn. “SigmaNEST is great software, and the suite provides a very impressive solution. People are blown away by the capabilities and features and I share in their excitement and enthusiasm as they discover how SigmaTEK’s innovative solutions
can help them succeed in their business.”

Paul Ikeda

Paul Ikeda, Director of Product Development, SX has been with SigmaTEK for six years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cedarville University and has developed hundreds of internal and external applications and plug-ins. In addition, Paul is a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner.

Paul has five Fabtech shows under his belt and is eager to be in Chicago this year to showcase the all-new SigmaNEST SX platform. Paul has been cultivating this product to be the next “big thing” in the industry, offering 3D visualization for machine, nesting and programming while exemplifying all the optimizations and savings abilities that SigmaNEST integration solutions offer today.

Paul knows that the manufacturing industry is always evolving, and he loves getting a sneak-peak of its evolution at Fabtech. “It is always incredibly interesting to follow the trends of the industry with regards to machinery and software. There will be some booths and products that are just starting small today, but in coming years may explode and be the next big thing, like IoT, automation, 3D printing, VR, or environment awareness,” says Paul.

Arie Brown

Arie Brown, Director of Sales at SigmaTEK has built 20 years of expertise in the furniture industry, designing and manufacturing upholstery furniture for OEMs with a focus on CNC programming efficiency. “When I was a SigmaNEST customer, I employed the tools and engaged with the engineers from SigmaNEST to catapult my production processes ahead of my competition.  Now, as a SigmaTEK employee, it’s my goal to share the tools of SigmaNEST with other companies.  The combination of software, backed by a great engineering team, ensures that SigmNEST will keep companies moving forward.”

This will be Arie’s eighth year attending the Fabtech Expo. The first Fabtech he attended was in Atlanta, GA and he is looking forward to being in Chicago this year and especially excited to showcase SuperNEST- SigmaTEK’s new time-based nesting algorithm that produces superior nesting results.

Arie will be available in the booth to provide demos and hopes to help customers with his deep understanding of shop floor automation. “My favorite part of Fabtech is seeing my customers and hearing their goals for future production improvement projects,” says Arie.

Monty Brown

Monty Brown is a leading expert at SigmaTEK Systems when dealing with shop floor practices. With over 15 years of experience, he has increased productivity for hundreds of SigmaNEST users and helped them in their thought processes, saving his customers millions of dollars. Monty is the Business Development Sales Manager at SigmaTEK Systems, and has in-depth understanding of integrating business systems with manufacturing and fabrication software.

Monty will be available in the booth to discuss how fabricators can bridge the gap with business systems and software. Monty will share his expertise on how integration can drastically elevate profits while reducing human error. Monty looks forward to showing attendees how SigmaMRP, a holistic manufacturing resource planning system, can provide the missing link to help many small job shops achieve the organization they need.

This will be Monty’s eighth year attending the Fabtech Expo and he looks forward to interacting with all of the people that come through the booth. “Clients come in looking for something basic,” says Monty, “and soon realize SigmaTEK has so much more to offer.”

Stop by booth #A4442 to speak to our industry experts and learn how SigmaNEST has solutions to increase your productivity and profits, save material and automate your manufacturing.

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