Tampa Bay Steel

Tampa Bay Steel has been in business for over 35 years and is one of Florida’s major steel distribution and processing centers. They specialize in custom jobs and work with a vast variety of metals such as plate, sheet, stainless, carbon and aluminum. Tampa Bay Steel operates a multitude of cutting and bending machines including: laser, plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet. With SigmaNEST, Tampa Bay Steel found a solution for their multiple processes.

Before SigmaNEST, programmers were only able to operate one specific machine due to the intense and specific manual operations required to run each of them. Nesting packages varied greatly in terms of functionality and performance. Time was wasted creating programs and manually re-working nests. In addition, there was excessive downtime and an abundance of scrap. Tampa Bay Steel found themselves needing a single, user-friendly software to run their multiple processes. The ability to standardize their practices was a priority.

Tampa Bay Steel experienced a vast improvement in standardization and a reduction in scrap after implementing SigmaNEST. “SigmaNEST nests perfectly,” says Tampa Bay Steel Programmer, Andy Hutchinson.

“It tries all different ways to rotate parts where in the past I’ve had to move these parts manually. It comes up with the perfect nest every time.”

Furthermore, programmers are not limited to operating only specific machine types. The usability of SigmNEST software enables programmers to efficiently operate all the machines in the shop, drastically reducing downtime. The speed and precision cutting capabilities of their arsenal of machines is now fully maximized.

Tampa Bay Steel was also concerned about finding a software that would not limit their future machine purchases. With SigmaNEST, one seat of software can power all your machines, including new ones.

“We wanted a software that was going to enable us to purchase machines from different manufacturers,” said Dave Carpenter, Tampa Bay Steel Processing Engineer.

SigmaNEST thoroughly enjoyed working with Tampa Bay Steel and finding creative solutions to meet their full-service needs. SimgaNSET is proud to bring software that is not only easy to learn but gives our customers flexibility to invest in a variety of machines in the future.

“I would recommend SigmaNEST, especially to companies like ours that have multiple processes,” says Huchinson. “It’s very easy, at the flip of a switch, to go from one process to the other.”

Watch to see why Tampa Bay Steel thinks SigmaNEST gives them a perfect nest, every time.

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