Bartco Lighting

Bartco Lighting, located in Huntington Beach, CA manufactures LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures. Like many growing companies, Bartco found themselves with a need to increase capacity. After extensive research, The Bartco team was presented with two options; purchasing a fourth press brake or improving production and shop efficiency through installing software like SigmaBEND software.

Bartco Lighting serves a variety of industries including commercial, retail, institutional and colleges. Bartco was operating three press brake machines, with six to eight changeovers per day, per machine. With an on-time completion rate of 20%. Bartco’s Director of Operations, Efren Saenz, knew they needed to increase their capacity. Saenz explored the two options and decided to invest in the SigmaBEND solution to reduce change over time and take programming offline.

“Before SigmaBEND, everything had to be done manually,” said Saenz. “The operator would be [at the machine], instead of making parts, they’d spend 20 minutes or so programming the part and doing all these manual operations. In total, about 30 minutes per set up, six times a day. That’s almost two and a half hours per machine, per shift.”

SigmaBEND offered Bartco the opportunity to go from one job to the next in just five minutes. Bartco made the commitment to update their machines to include quick-change tooling and implement SigmaBEND. The entire Bartco team put time and effort into training, and the results have changed the way Bartco operates.  Programs can now be done offline. The operators can pull up a work order on the machine it tells them exactly where to put their quick-change tooling, reducing set-up time by 25 minutes.

“As a result of implementing SigmaBEND, we really have improved significantly. We are able to free up a lot of shop time capacity. It’s the equivalent of adding a press brake. It’s a great investment and it’s well worth it,” says Saenz.

Watch our video to see how SigmaBEND saved Bartco the cost of a new machine while increasing capacity and increasing on-time completion by 75%.

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