Did you know about 40% of the goods we buy are made in the United States? Since the industrial revolution, Americans have had a fascination with making our own goods. In recent years, the DIY (do- it-yourself) trend has taken off, so much so that Generation Y (people born between 1997-1994) has been nicknamed the DIY Generation. DIY is no longer for crafting grandmas, but instead has blossomed into a 29-billion-dollar industry.

SigmaTEK knows first-hand the importance of fabricators in the U.S. From the couches we sit on, to the space crafts of NASA- we understand the role fabricators play in serious economic and technological advancements. In fact, 75% of private-sector research and development is generated by U.S. manufacturing. Manufacturing innovations keep our country and the world on the forefront of new technologies. It is for these reasons, and many more, that SigmaTEK is excited to celebrate the National Week of Making June 16-22.

The National Week of Making, organized by Nation of Makers (a non-profit organization committed to supporting America’s maker organizations) highlights the importance of makers in the U.S.  The Week of Making is an opportunity for individuals in communities throughout the U.S. to celebrate “the innovation, ingenuity and creativity of makers.”

SigmaTEK would like to use the National Week of Making to applaud members of the manufacturing community. During the week of June 16-22, our Instagram account will be dedicated to showcasing your creativity and hard work. SigmaTEK knows that the industrial industry would not be the same without makers like you.

If you are a fabricator, please share a picture of what you make. You can find us on Instagram @sigmanestx1 or feel free to email pictures to lindsey.smith@sigmanest.com. We will be documenting the Week of Making using the hashtags #weekofmaking and #nestwiththebest.




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