SigmaNEST would like to introduce one of our very own, Kartika Phadke. Phadke serves as a senior software developer on the SigmaNEST User Interfaces and User Experience team. As the Scrum master of the team she provides leadership and assistance to ongoing development work, participates in technical design meetings, creates user interface designs based on functional requirements.

After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in 2008, Phadke worked in Delcam – India for three years as a Software Engineer. She was primarily in charge of redesigning material libraries for a shoe design package built on a 3D CAD modeler. Thereafter she came to University of Cincinnati to get a Masters degree in Computer Science.

While at UC, she worked part-time as a Laser Cutting Specialist in College of Design, Architecture, Art. and Planning(DAAP). The DAAP program is among the globe’s top 10 design schools, frequently appearing on BusinessWeek Magazine’s elite program list. It was at the DAAP program where Phadke became fascinated with digital fabrication and design.

When asked how she feels about being a woman in a male dominated industry, Phadke acknowledges that being a woman in the industry gives her a unique advantage:

“I think my attention to detail helps us build high quality features in the software. I can stay calm in times of conflict, and listen patiently to different opinions, which helps the team to keep things in perspective and not lose direction.”

Phadke is not shy when it comes to beating the odds. In 2016, 94% of software developers were men. However, she believes that women have great potential in the manufacturing industry and in programing. Phadke imparts this advice to other women who are thinking of joining the industry:

“The CAD/CAM industry is great if you want to work on building innovative solutions to challenging real-time manufacturing problems. It is important to be flexible and willing to take up different roles – such as leader, facilitator, mentor, developer or designer. These are all important in different phases of team development. It can be challenging, but also fun and rewarding.”

From software engineer for shoe materials to senior developer for nesting software, Phadke’s passion and creative mind is not only respected, but celebrated here at SigmaNEST.

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