Women make up about 47 % of today’s workforce, but when it comes to the manufacturing industry they represent around 29% of employees. While this statistic is obviously lower than the first, it’s a growing one! Two years ago in 2015, women only represented 12% of the industrial workforce.  Although there are several reasons why women may not have been as involved in manufacturing in the past, trends are proving that the 4th industrial revolution is offering many more opportunities for women to bring their skillsets to the table.

Check out what Jay Timmons, the President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers has to say about women in the manufacturing industry.

“Many outstanding women leaders are making huge strides in building and promoting the manufacturing industry and are demonstrating what modern manufacturing offers – rewarding and fulfilling careers with limitless opportunity for growth. Today’s manufacturing employees are building and designing the future, and women in manufacturing serve as ambassadors to move this industry forward.”

Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers

Not only are women becoming more prevalent in the industrial sector, they are proving to be good for business as well. Research shows that a gender-diverse workforce improves:

  1. A company’s ability to innovate
  2. Higher return on equity
  3. Increased probability

From programmers and developers to CEO’s, women are a major cornerstone of the manufacturing industry. SigmaNEST is an advocate for workplace diversity, so this month we plan to highlight just a few of the influential women in fabrication.  Stay tuned this summer for spotlights on women who make a difference at her work place.

Want to nominate a woman at your workplace? Tell us why here!


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