Be honest, how organized is your shop floor? Does it look something like the image shown above? If it does, you’re not alone. Shop floor organization is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face. If it makes you feel better, the image above is from a real company who struggles with inventory issues. With a disorganized shop floor like this it’s not surprising that this company would struggle to find the correct material to cut on.

Unfortunately, the shop pictured above had to shut down because they were not making enough money. While there were probably many factors that played into the shops closure, you cant help but wonder what might have happened if they were more organized. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at our own practices.  If your shop floor looked something like this, how much time and money do you think might be wasted looking for the correct material?  Loading a basic laser machine should take no longer than 10 minutes, that’s if you know where to look for your material. Take another look at the image, now ask yourself, how long would it take for you to find the correct remnant?

An organized shop floor could pay for itself! Make sure you understand the benefits of organization.

1. Less Wasted Time

If employees know where to look for inventory and its location is consistent, it will reduce wasted time across your entire facility.

2. Reduce Work related Injuries 

A well kept shop will reduces confusion and hazardous work environments. When employees know what to expect, jobs get completed quicker and safer.

3. Increase production

When you spend less time preparing for the next job, you might have more time to focus on job planning and scheduling.

4. Opportunities are Easier to Spot 

When you are organized on the shop floor, the holes in your production process become more apparent making it easier for you to tweak your production process as you go. Additionally, you might figure out that you could benefit from a MRP solution or other industry 4.0 tactics.

5. Great reputation

A well organized shop is always reflected in the quality of your product. There is no doubt that your customers will see the difference when it comes time to deliver the goods, and not only that but they will get delivered on time!  Quality products and prompt delivery will surly encourage repeat customers and positive referrals.

Don’t let your disorganization impede the success of your shop.

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