SigmaNEST has just released a new way for you to move your operations into the cloud. SigmaNEST 365 is server-based software that will offer multiple benefits for any size shop. Check out a few of the most exciting benefits below!

  1.  Free up your computers to run at their optimal speed
    SigmaNEST 365 will move SigmaNEST software from your computer to an appliance, leaving more space on your devices and in many cases increasing their operating speed. SigmaNEST 365 aims to limit your frustration, imagine no more waiting for the software, parts, or anything else in storage to load. Your computers will be able to perform at their top capacity even under a very high load.
  2. No more worries about upgrades – you’ll always be on the latest version
    SigmaTEK engineers have direct access to the location of your software, which means they can ensure that you are always on the latest version of our software. No more waiting for upgrades or dealing with old versions—you will always be using the latest technology.
  3. Disaster recovery as a service without any downtime
    If something goes wrong internally, there is someone on the other end working hard to fix it without requiring any down time on your end.
  4. Complete shop integration on any and all devices
    SigmaNEST will now be accessible remotely, you can access it on anything that uses internet—from your desktop computer to your phone! This speeds up your process significantly by allowing you to manage your workflow from anywhere in your shop—including right next to your machine.

Take shop integration to a whole new level, improve your operation and make your process even smoother with SigmaNEST 365 .

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