SigmaTEK has appointed Marius Marx from South Africa to become the Manufacturing Resource Planning system (SigmaMRP) Business Analyst in Toronto, Canada. Marx will further the implementation of SigmaTEK’s MRP system throughout Canada. The decision was made in response to the growing demand for MRP/ERP software solutions in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Moving SigmaTEK’s MRP expert will have a truly visible and positive impact on metal fabricators who desperately need this kind of time-and money-saving solution that is uniquely designed for their industry.

“Putting a SigmaMRP business analyst in Canada proves that the Canadian metalworking industry is very important to SigmaTEK, and that we are committed to providing the best service possible. There are plenty of opportunities there that are worth our investment.”
Valter Bonelli, Director of Product Management and Business Systems

SigmaMRP was specifically developed to meet the everyday needs of job shops in a way that all other MRP/ERP systems on the market can not. Most competitors have created a product that is suited to run various types of industries. This means that they fall short when considering the machine side of sheet metal fabrication, including the necessary CAD package integration. SigmaTEK knows the in’s and out’s of the sheet metal fabrication industry, as our main focus is running those machines. This in-depth knowledge has greatly informed the creation of our own MRP system.

“Customers are looking for something that can really manage their job shops and shop floor operations…and not just balance their accounting books.”
Marius Marx, SigmaMRP Business Analyst

SigmaMRP can do just that.

SigmaMRP is known for it’s ability to you save time. Many shops still quote off of spreadsheets without any substantial planning system attached. Leaving it up to the shop managers to manually check the shop floor capacity and time estimates, which leads to inefficiencies by duplicating loads of information. SigmaMRP will automate all of these processes, and more. For the jobs you repeat frequently, SigmaMRP can pull old information from its database and populate it with new information about inventory and machine capacity. It provides clear data on who worked on which operation and when. Our tracking solution ultimately saves you time, material, and money.

Marius’ position means greater accessibility to SigmaMRP for sheet metal job shops in Canada. ERP/MRP systems touch practically every area of a business, so switching to an MRP system requires extremely detailed management. As a project manager, Marius will oversee each implementation to ensure the smoothest transition possible. SigmaTEK is committed to Canadian job shops, and putting an expert in their midst will ensure long-lasting growth and success.

Learn more about SigmaNEST’s MRP solution or  schedule a demo here.

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