The SigmaTUBE team has been hard at work updating the software in significant ways in order to help you improve your work flow. Here are the 4 most important new features that come with the latest release of SigmaTUBE version 6.0.

1.Inventory and Work Order Tracking

 SigmaTUBE customers are now able to retrieve work order and inventory management facility within SigmaTUBE itself, without leaving the program. Easy retrieval will help you and your shop maintain control of inventory records and work orders for better organization.  Features include but are limited to automatic profile recognition of parts, stock overnest, and creating remnant stocks after nesting. 


2. Arc Lead-ins

This option gives you the perfect objective to select and apply Arc Leads while piercing, allowing for smoother entry to cut and higher quality parts especially for plasma machines. Multi leads with Line-Arc leads can also be applied.

3.  User Interface Improvements

SigmaTUBE is now more friendly than ever with compatible interfaces. This includes uniform form width for the task panes, expand and restore options for relatively long width forms, improved arrangement pf buttons and text boxes which allows the use of tab and Esc keys while navigating through the form.

4. New Licensing

We no longer require customers with SigmaNEST and SigmaTUBE to run two different updates programs when getting new codes. Instead you can use our HaspCheck Program which will streamline your licensing process.

Other 6.0 updates include offcut enhancements, customization for ETRA, time cutting calculations, and much more! Make sure you take full advantage of the SigmaTUBE 6.0 release by requesting a demo!

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