SigmaNEST software is a customer driven software that has been continuously committed to making your work process more efficient and less expensive. In our efforts, SigmaNEST has released a plugin that was previously designed and customized for a customer, and has now made it widely available to the public. Our newest plugin, SigmaDSTV, helps eliminate unnecessary steps taken during the exporting process by using previously created 3D CAD files.

Driven by customer requests, the DSTV export capability allows users to export SigmaNEST parts directly to the industry standard DSTV format. With the ability to add and edit drill parameters, bevel information, etchings, bend lines, and partial depth information a user can effectively use SigmaNEST to generate DSTV files for any plate form. SigmaDSTV was created to reside inside SOLIDWORKS as a plugin, allowing you to enter custom parameters and information. Once entered SigmaDSTV automatically detects the type of profile you are working with and exports the geometry needed for the program. The plugin also creates a batch file using SigmaNEST’s custom batch creator (browsing the folders containing the SOLIDWORKS parts that need converted). The batch will process parts, export the DSTV files and report any errors that occur during processing. The power of DSTV allows you to process multiple SOLIDWORKS files at once utilizing batch processing.

Lastly, SigmaDSTV facilitates automatic tool recognition. The SigmaDSTV export will automatically detect holes and allow the user to customize the drill/tap attributes on parts. For instance, if the customer receives a file with drill or tapping attributes, but lacks the proper tool; the user can substitute the missing tool for another without batch processing having to change the part geometry in SOLIDWORKS.

SigmaDSTV helps with:

  1. DSTV export
  2. Custom Part Parameters
  3. Batch Processing
  4. Automatic Tool Recognition

You can learn everything you will need to know about DSTV in a 15-minute training session!

Learn more about the power of SigmaNEST and its integration capabilities sign-up for a demo.

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