Does your shop floor get bogged down with too many papers and communication errors? Research suggests that the average worker uses around 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, and that 45% of those sheets end up in the trash by the end of each business day. When you use the Shop Floor Data capture application you no longer have to worry about carrying around large stacks of paper or making sure your stack in is the right order when processing orders. Shop Floor Data Capture is an application used alongside SigmaMRP that was created to help streamline communication path between the office and shop floor.

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) allows you to follow your workflow throughout the entire process so that you can easily identify what needs to be done, where each job is in the production process, and which job is next.  This application will help your employees prioritize their work by providing a schedule of jobs with the proper documentation and part information without time wasted on hunting down work orders in stacks of papers. This component of SigmaMRP is touch screen enabled and easy for anyone to use. This is great for managers as the data they need is easy for each team member to input.

Shop Floor Data Capture Benefits:

  • Communication is no longer an issue as the workflow in the software empowers your whole team to stay on top of things.
  • Only see information that is pertinent to you as you need it one job at a time.
  • Planning done in the office immediately translates to the shop floor.
  • The office can immediately see the status of operations and whether a job has been planned, in process, or is already completed.
  • Shop Floor Data Capture reports on actual time completion.

Click Here to learn more about the Shop Floor Data Capture module on our SigmaMRP website!

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