SigmaLift is a modular application that can be integrated with SigmaMRP that allows material handlers to electronically manage the forklift and cranes within your shop. SigmaLift applies our paperless technology beyond the machine so you can keep shop floor operations running at full speed. Material handlers no longer need to juggle papers while fulfilling tasks but instead freely operate their machinery with a mounted electronic device on the machine in front of them.

How SigmaLift can fulfill your needs:

  • Creates an organized list of all sheets that must be delivered to a cutting machine in order to cut
  • Allows the forklift or crane operator to easily move sheets from one location to another one
  • Creates a complete list of all remnants (created by SigmaNEST) that must be stored again in a Stock location
  • More efficient package delivery to the shipping area

How It Works:

To learn more about how SigmaLift can be implemented in your shop visit the NEW SigmaMRP Website.

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