Productivity within the manufacturing industry has increased 1.3% this year thanks to trends like automation, cloud based computing, and lean manufacturing. In particular, strict adherence to lean principals is helping manufacturers eliminate waste and free up more time and resources, thereby increasing capacity for higher productivity levels.

SigmaNEST software can help your operations achieve a lean transformation by utilizing SimTrans – an online data transaction manager that serves as a bridge between SigmaNEST nesting software, ERP / MRP system, and order entry management software. SimTrans helps you increase your work place efficiency by acting as the transaction manager between each business system regardless of the platform used for installation. This saves you time by eliminating redundant data transfer processes and potential human errors.
It is very likely that you have someone in your organization who types vital information like engineering specifications, customer purchase order information, and the actual part details into your ERP system. Efficiency problems arise when other people in your organization are re-typing the same information several times as the order moves within the company throughout the manufacturing process.

How SimTrans helps:
– Engineering data is automatically fed from quoting to your ERP system
– Your customers’ purchase orders automatically trigger work orders out of your ERP system
– The work order from your ERP system seamlessly populates your CAM job queue
– Your programmed nests are delivered electronically to your cutting machineClick edit button to change this text.

To learn more about how SimTrans could help you become more efficient click here.

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