Tube and Pipe Cutting with SigmaTUBE®

SigmaTUBE is a complete tube and pipe cutting software, operates seamlessly within SOLIDWORKS®, and runs on the same familiar and easy-to-use software environment as SigmaNEST®. SigmaTUBE supports round, square, rectangular, and triangular tube and pipe along with structural material such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and other user-defined shapes. Custom programs are available to fully maximize the advanced features of Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and other 3D tube and pipe cutting laser machines.

SigmaTUBE tube and pipe cutting software

Nesting with SigmaTUBE

SigmaTUBE offers powerful automatic, manual and true shape nesting to achieve the best nesting results and minimize scrap. Efficient nesting is achieved by calculating the best possible cutting arrangements and combinations based on actual geometry. Common-line cuts share edges and at the same time reduce cutting time and the number of pierce points.

SigmaTUBE Advantages

There are many advantages to cutting pipe and tube with SigmaTUBE, including the ability to use one software to run all major cutting machines. SigmaTUBE enables effortless nesting and NC programming within SOLIDWORKS. In addition, SigmaTUBE supports multiple assembly model configurations, simple model updates and revisions for design models and cutting condition parameters.

Other benefits of working with SigmaTUBE include a fast order turnaround time and optimized material yield and machine performance. There is no separate CAM system requirement, which simplifies programming time and increases productivity.

Toolpath Generation

From solid geometry, SigmaTUBE automatically generates a toolpath. The program user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, and includes a wizard which guides the user through the programming steps. SigmaTUBE enables automatic cut-out recognition and toolpath generation. The 3D toolpath simulation displays the tube, cutting head, and machine, for easier user programming. All nesting and toolpath data is stored with the SOLIDWORKS assembly compatible with Product Data Management (PDM) systems.

Other features SigmaTUBE offers includes automatic geometry compensation for normal to surface cuts, automatic tabbing, and the option for automatic, manual, or True Shape nesting;  bevel cutting, marking, torch radius compensation, weld preparation, knuckles ramping, and collision detection between the part and torch; a high-end graphical interface for editing the tilt, rotor, and chuck values when tooling intricate shapes.

Intelligent Feature Recognition

SigmaTUBE automatically identifies tube sections and features that must be cut on the machines. The software not only determines which loops and cuts need to be made but also recognizes lines, 3D arcs, and flat plane arcs. Rather than using a series of line segments, SigmaTUBE cuts a line or arc continuously resulting in faster and better cuts. Intelligent
Feature Detection accelerates NC code generation.

NC Programming

Before generating NC code, SigmaTUBE provides a detailed, animated preview of the cutting process for each tube, including a display of rapid cuts. Although the efficiency of automatic generation can’t be outdone, the user has the option to edit the toolpath and code.

Report Generation

SigmaTUBE creates detailed reports to include the image of the tube with the toolpath, tube dimensions, total cutting time, and cutting length.

SigmaTUBE is compatable with all major laser and plasma tube cutting machines.

Technical Specifications

SigmaTUBE runs on Windows operating systems and imports standard neutral file formats like IGES, STEP, and Parasolid. The user can configure ESSI and G and M codes for multiple machines.

Find out more about SigmaTUBE and request a demonstration today!



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