When it comes to fabrication and manufacturing, most processes are not easy. SigmaNEST software acts as a fabrication hub and is an easy-to-use module tool that serves to integrate and simplify shop floor operations.

Machine Console

SigmaNEST Console integrates MRP information systems, stock management, and shop floor operations in a single computer touchscreen interface.

Machine Console

The purpose of Machine Console is to give the highest level of control, through­put, and efficiency.

SigmaNEST Machine Console provides on-demand information in an easy-to-see format on a shop floor computer screen and enables just-in-time nesting. When a workload is drawn from an MRP system, Machine Console draws from that workload, determines an optimum nest, and specifies the best sheet to use for maximum material utilization.

SigmaNEST Machine Console is ideally suited to medium to large and high-volume plate and sheet processing sites that want to operate with a high level of automation.

Machine Console provides improved automation, increased flexibility, and material optimization at the same time.

Machine Console also:

  • Draws outstanding orders automatically from the MRP system using SimTrans.
  • Examines programmed priority parameters to automatically determine which orders to process first.
  • Nests parts from these orders nested on the sheets in the pool.
  • Selects the optimal nest with the highest material utilization and posts it to the machine.

Machine Tasks and Automation

Machine Console runs three tasks at once. For example, when one task finishes and completes, its status is communicated back to the MRP system for records. Another program runs on the machine, and the next task also nests so that it can be loaded as the second completes.

As programs complete their status is updated and fed back to the MRP or scheduling system using SigmaNEST SimTrans.

To learn more about SigmaNEST and the other automation modules, visit our Services page or request a demonstration today!

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