Recently, we launched our new SigmaNEST website and shared our Five Minute Tour, which highlights some of the most exciting features of the new website. One of our new features is the Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator.

ROI Calculator:

Interested in knowing how much $ SigmaNEST and our suite of automation software could save you? No matter the size of your business, from job shop to large corporation, SigmaNEST improves materials savings, manpower time savings, and machine efficiency.

Enter your details into the ROI calculator and get an instant estimate on how we can help you make your fabrication processes the best.

How to Use the SigmaNEST ROI Calculator:

SigmaNEST ROI calculator

  1. Enter your preferred monetary and weight units into the Currency and Weight dropdown boxes.
  2. Add the Material for the machine(s) you’d like to include in the calculation and the estimated cost in your chosen units.
  3. Include the estimated hourly wage rate for the programmers and order/scheduling staff for the process you would like to estimate.
  4.  Give information about your machines, including hourly rate, weight capacity of the machine for a month.
  5. Designate what percentage of which material (above) is run on that machine.

the SigmaNEST Return on Investment Calculator

For an example, we will run the following (estimated numbers for simplicity):

  1. Choosing USD$ and weight in lbs (pounds).
  2. For all three materials, we choose steel of different grades, with estimated costs of $1, 2, and 0.5 / pound.
  3. Hourly wage rates of $25/hour for both the programmer and scheduler, with 2 programmers for each function.
  4. Choosing 2 laser machines and one laser/punch combination machine with hourly rates of $60, $75, and $50 and 250,000 lb / month.
  5. For simplicity, we’re listing 100% of material 1 for machine 1, and so on.

Click NEXT to get the results page…

SigmaNEST ROI Results

SigmaNEST ROI Results 1From our example above with simplified estimated numbers (and not an actual scenario), we get the following first result:

Material Savings: $525,000 per year.

In the screenshot above, you can see the 5.00  % number. If you would like to see a different average savings percentage, you can type in a different number to get a varying degree of savings results.

SigmaNEST nesting engines achieve an average of 5% material savings over other nesting methods, depending on the part geometry. With our upcoming release of SigmaNEST X1 (release at FABTECH next month), our new Dynapack HD nesting engine delivers another  3 – 5 % material savings over our previous best nesting algorithm which delivered an average of 5% savings in material. How much is that worth for you and your business? Enter your values into our ROI Calculator and find out!

Also on the ROI Results page, find out how much money you can save per hour per machine based on the savings you will earn from using SigmaNEST. SigmaNEST calculates the best cutting path for your nested parts on a sheet by saving cutting time and calculating the best path, saving consumables by minimizing pierce points, and using common-line, auto-chain cutting, minimum movement logic, and automatic tip-up part avoidance.

Calculate Programming Time, Order Tracking, and Scheduling Time Savings

SigmaNEST allows operators to program cutting jobs offline, minimizing machine downtime. In addition, with SigmaNEST Color Offload and Load Tracker modules, programmers and operators can do more in less time than ever before.

SigmaNEST’s job tracking and work order management system allows you to track every part and work order from beginning to end. By creating nesting layouts and cutting jobs, part status is updated from “on order” to “in process” to “completed.”

Enter your estimated time saved and find out how much money per machine per year you will save.

SigmaNEST software

At the bottom of the results page, you will find the total monetary savings per year, which adds up quickly. Contact us for a SigmaNEST demo or to find out more about how SigmaNEST can save your company material, time, manpower, and money today!

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