In a fabrication environment, managing the production schedule is the key to responding to new contracts, meeting deadlines, and maintaining flexibility by running the right machines at the right time. The difference between winning and losing future contracts is in managing the shop floor well.

Designed for cutting machine scheduling and workload management, SigmaNEST Load Manager helps solve fabrication problems and bottlenecks by enabling complete shop floor control. With Load Manager, production flow can be easily accessed, machine workloads can be balanced, and jobs can be reassigned to other compatible machine to eliminate problems. As with all modules of SigmaNEST, Load Manager is easy to use.

SigmaNEST Load Manager

Load Manager maintains nests in a scheduling queue displaying the program number, material type and thickness, designated machine, and estimated run time.


Machines are combined in common ‘machine groups’ allowing programs to be assigned (or reassigned) to any machine in that group. Schedules, displayed on an interactive Gantt chart, may be viewed by the day, week, or month at one time. Drag and drop capability allows programs to be easily assigned or reassigned, and the dispatch list view shows a list of programs assigned by machine.

Estimated cutting time is represented by a colored time block on the screen chart. Programs are displayed on a machine’s SigmaNEST Color Offload screen, which signals the operator to begin the job.
Schedules are updated in real-time to reflect the shop floor status. Jobs can be quickly assigned, reassigned, stopped, and restarted, and parts associated with a nest can be easily viewed.


Load Manager provides interactive load rebalancing and displays graphically for dynamic job progress tracking.

For loads which receive a conflict, color-coded alerts show on the screen and allows past due jobs to be rerouted through the shop or rescheduled.

Load Manager allows the sequence of programs to be readjusted on the Color Offload screen and scheduling flexibility allows programs to be split at scheduled breaks or extended over breaks.

SigmaNEST is more than a nesting software. With extended modules like Color Offload, Load Manager, and SimTrans, SigmaNEST provides whole shop fabrication solutions. To learn more, visit our Services page or request a demonstration today!

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