SigmaNEST® Color Offload™

In a fabrication shop, mixing work orders saves time and material, but also creates the potential for error when unloading and sorting parts. SigmaNEST Color Offload eliminates confusion by color-coding and displaying parts grouped with the orders to which they belong. At the same time, the machine operator has the ability to flag parts that may have had quality issues. Substandard parts are rejected and automatically rescheduled for future nests.

SigmaNEST color offload

There are many benefits to having the color offload screen available for mixed part orders cut from the same sheet:

  • Simplifies part identification and sorting by assigning unique groups
  • Automatically returns rejected parts(s) data to the order system for re-cutting
  • Option to add comments and notes to rejected parts
  • Report listing details on completed work orders and rejected parts
  • A simple interface that is easy to use

Not only is the Color Offload screen easy to use, but it enables a paperless process when integrated with SigmaNEST e-Reports. Individual parts can be labeled through color offload-enabled print, and inventory is updated through the Edit Sheet function, which allows the operator to swap actual heat numbers used on the shop floor.

Through color offload, it is possible to quickly search program lists, view part details and dimensions through a viewing panel, and interface with SigmaNEST Load Manager for best scheduling flexibility.

The Color Offload hallmark is its ability to assign distinct group colors to each nest containing multiple work orders for clear visual inspection. Once the parts have been sorted, the Color Offload screen will indicate graphically which parts are rejected and returns the rejected part(s) to the order system for re-cutting. The shop floor work process is automated and accepted and rejected parts are shown clearly for the best work flow possible.

Color Offload operates on a shop floor network computer, is touch-screen compatible, and works in conjunction with the Job Tracking and Scheduling modules available through the installation of the SimTrans™ Work Order Completion module.

To learn more about the Color Offload, Job Tracking, and Scheduling modules as well as SimTrans, visit our Services page. And request a SigmaNEST Demonstration to learn more about how SigmaNEST can help your profits and process be its best today!

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