On September 16, 2015, the SigmaNEST Software Development Team released the newest version of SigmaNEST: 10.2 Service Pack 5. We’re delighted to offer new features and improved functionality in this latest release and hope you’ll read through the following to see what we’ve been working on here at SigmaNEST.

In order to upgrade your version to Service Pack 5, close SigmaNEST after you start the Live Update process.

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What’s New in SigmaNEST 10.2 Service Pack 5

Improved Nesting

We are proud to introduce our new and improved HD nesting strategies in SP4 and SP5. These strategies pair or compact parts using a much more efficient method. Our HD-TSPlus engine now has the ability to break the sheet into multiple zones.

The example below shows a more than 10% improvement in parts per sheet for more material savings.

A TrueShape nest (top – 88 parts) and HD-TSPlus nest (bottom – 98 parts) in SP5 are depicted below. In comparison, HD-TS (not shown) could only nest 87 of the same parts in SP3, but now nests 94 parts in SP5.

TrueShape nesting

A TrueShape nest ( 88 parts)


HD TSPlus Nesting

HD-TSPlus nest (98 parts)


New Part Order Option for Advanced Nesting

Within the Advanced Nest Settings, we have renamed the Area option to Gross Area and added a new setting called Net Area. Net Area nests the parts with largest net area first, while Gross Area nests the parts with the largest gross area first.

Part order option for advanced nesting

New Material Source Options for Quoting

You can now choose from three additional options for Material Source in the Quotes View.

Use Sheet Material Cost. Sets the material cost to match the cost specified in the Sheet Parameters.

Use Lookup Material Cost. Sets the material cost to match the lookup value set in the Material tab of the Technology Setup table.

Use Part Material Cost. Sets the material cost to match the cost specified in the Part Parameters.

 quoting material source

Gross Margin Displayed in Quotes View

You can now view the gross margin at the top of the Quotes View dialog box.

gross margin in quotes view

Keep Remnant Cost Same as Sheet Cost Feature

You can now make remnant costs match the cost of the original sheet used by checking the

Keep Remnant Cost same as Sheet Cost box in the Costing tab of the config settings. Leaving this box unchecked generates remnant cost from the cost set in the material list.

remnant cost same as sheet

SOLIDWORKS Cut List Filter

You can now filter imported SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies to include or exclude parts by SOLIDWORKS cut list. This is done by checking the Use Cut List Filter box, which is located in the 3D Import Advanced tab of the config settings.

cut list filter

You can also import part names from the cut list by selecting Use Cut List Name in the 3D Import SOLIDWORKS tab.

import part names Solidworks

3D Import Bend Direction and Angle

You can now define bend direction and angle when importing 3D parts and assemblies by checking the Include Bend Direction box in the 3D Import General tab of the config settings.

3D Import Bend direction


Verify Geometry Option Added for Interactive Mapping

You can now verify geometry automatically during the Interactive Mapping process. From the Interactive Mapping dialog box, select the Options tab and click the Verify Geometry check-box. When this box is selected, SigmaNEST will identify and repair geometry errors in the parts imported.

verify geometry

Please note that you must pre-set the settings in order for this feature to work properly. Access the settings by clicking the Verify Geometry icon in the Geometry Edit dialog box.

Additions to CAD Verify Geometry

In the Verify Geometry tool, you can now select the Auto Lookup check-box to load the default settings from the XML file. This enables the Set as Default button, which you can click to write your current settings to the XML file for future use.

CAD verify geometry


You can also now use the Error Tolerance box to set the value that is used to determine if two entity end points are close enough to each other to indicate the entities are continuous. This overrides the Geometry Error value in the config settings.


Manual NC Profile Parameters Can be Set as Default

You can now toggle the pins next to certain Profile Parameters to set them as default. A blue pin indicates that the current selection is saved, while a gray one indicates that it is not. You must click OK to verify your changes.

NC profile parameters

Disable Interference Feature for Single Punch

You can now choose to allow tool-part interference in Single Punch mode by checking the Disable Interference Check box. By default, this box is unchecked, preventing accidental tooling into the part.

single punch disable interference

Select Tool Rotation from Geometry for Single Punch

In Single Punch mode, you can now use the Select Tool Rotation from Geometry tool () to align a tool with a contour, and then lock the tool into that rotation by clicking the contour.


As you can see, SigmaNEST is undergoing continuous improvement, helping SigmaNEST to lead the way in CAD/CAM, Nesting, and Automation Software solutions. For more information on SigmaNEST, contact us and request a demo!

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