Welcome to our new website! We would like to share some of our new site key features in a five minute tour …

the new SigmaNEST website


Our news portion is for the first time connected to our website. In one click, you can search, find, and see the news you’ve been looking for. From product news to the latest success stories, we aim for our biweekly news to be useful to you and your business.

Subscribe to receive your news when it is published every Tuesday and Thursday. Connect your preferred feed reader by clicking on the radio RSS symbol in the header or by visiting SigmaNEST.com/feed. Or if you prefer news to arrive in your inbox, enter your email address in the right sidebar to receive our monthly newsletter, SigmaNEWS.


See a comparison of all of our major products on one page: SigmaNEST, SigmaTUBE, SigmaBEND, SimTrans, and SigmaMRP. Which one is right for you? Take a look …


From the simple AutoNEST to the all-in-one PowerPack, view all of our packages and modules on one page, as well as Punch and Shop Floor Operations packages here.

ROI Calculator:

Interested in knowing how much $ SigmaNEST and our suite of automation software could save you? No matter the size of your business, from job shop to large corporation, SigmaNEST improves materials savings, manpower time savings, and machine efficiency.

Enter your details into the ROI calculator and get an instant estimate on how we can help you make your fabrication processes the best.


Did you know SigmaNEST’s leading edge in the industry is often driven by the work our SigmaTEK Services Group does? Our Services Group customizes our products to interface with your existing processes. From ERP / MRP integration to color offload and load manager, the Services Group offers expert level customization to your business. Learn more here.

New product: SigmaNEST X1 Coming Soon!

SigmaNEST X1

At FABTECH (November 9 – 12, Chicago), we will be introducing SigmaNEST X1, the latest version of the world’s best sheet metal CAD/CAM system, offering improved functionality for CNC punch, laser, and plasma machines. The new Dynapack-HD nesting engine, which handles multi-sheet nesting tasks more efficiently, provides the best sheet selection and overall material yield improvement yet.

The new SigmaNEST X1 acts as a hub or cockpit from which to integrate multiple machines, optimize production schedules, reduce scrap, and shorten cycle time through smart machine programming.

We are also introducing SigmaWEBTM, a new QuoteNestingTM solution which allows customers of a job shop using SigmaNEST to obtain job quotes through a web interface.

Social media:

Access and stay current with the latest on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking one of the icons in the upper left of the site or from the Contact page.

Technical Support:

Find the new technical support page with the email form and phone number for easy access to our professional support engineers, sign up for user training, and more.

What’s to Come?

In coming weeks, we will be releasing the international language sites for our global offices.

We hope it’s easier than ever for you to find out more about SigmaNEST and other SigmaTEK products and services. Request a demo today!

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