One of the greatest privileges for us here at SigmaTEK is hearing how SigmaNEST CAD/CAM software has helped improve automation and operations for one of our new customers. This week, we want to share the story we’ve heard from our customer, LNS Turbo in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

LNS Turbo and SigmaNEST Success Story

Customer: LNS Turbo
Industry: Chip Conveyor Systems & innovative machine-tool products
Production: Laser (Trumpf & Bystronic)

LNS Turbo and SigmaNEST


With roots reaching back to the days of Swiss watchmaking, it’s no coincidence that precision is the name of the game at LNS Turbo (Kings Mountain, NC). Today the company is a leading manufacturer of chip conveyor and coolant management systems.

A Ticking Clock

Nothing wastes time on a busy shop floor like rework; and nesting software at LNS Turbo simply wasn’t carrying its load. Although overly complex, the software lacked the sophistication needed to maximize the advanced functionality of today’s advanced laser cutting machines. Consequently, the program was unable to manage a growing number of files. As a result programming had become a burden and lost files had to be recreated – not a good combination. LNS soon decided that time had run out on its existing nesting software.

The Test

Although LNS recognized its current software was riddled with deficiencies, the fact remained that they had to somehow account for a library of legacy part files that numbered 120,000. Could a new software system quickly and accurately manage and import this volume of diverse files? Anything less than a seamless transition would require manual intervention offsetting any productivity gains. Although skeptical, LNS Turbo moved forward and began researching a new software solution.
Two leading fabrication software vendors were invited to offer a solution, including SigmaTEK Systems. While both companies claimed the ability to import and nest all files, SigmaTEK proved it by rolling out its industry-leading SigmaNEST software and quickly importing all 120,000 files. Case closed.

SimTrans & Color OffLoad

In the past, LNS sorted and unloaded cut parts guided by a printout showing the arrangement of parts on sheets. The process was slow and cumbersome. SigmaTEK’s Color Offload™ allows parts from multiple jobs to be mixed and easily sorted. The program creates a representation of the nest on the operator’s screen. Parts are color-coded according to the jobs to which they belong making sorting a breeze.
The results are:
• Faster cutting with minimal machine use
• Reduced sorting errors
• Maximum material usage
The company is also employing SigmaTEK’s data management tool, SimTrans™ to manage the part files and streamline the flow of data across manufacturing and business systems. SimTrans provides real-time visibility and control between the shop floor activity and the front office.

It’s all About Results

Today precision has reached a new level at LNS Turbo. From more productive laser cutting to a connected shop floor, automation is delivering a 3% productivity increase. But customer experience goes beyond ease-of-use, CAD import, or automation. LNS knows that when they have a question, SigmaTEK is quick to respond with resources familiar with their specific cutting processes and unique requirements.

For more information on how SigmaTEK and SigmaNEST can help you and your business achieve new levels of productivity, contact us or request a demo.

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