DeWys Manufacturing (Marne, MI) provides sheet metal fabrication to 11 industries and 115 customers throughout the United States. They have come a long way from simply utilizing fabrication equipment to employing the right equipment, systems, production processes, and people.

Success Story: SigmaNEST and DeWys Manufacturing, Inc.DeWys ManufacturingIndustry

Material Handling Equipment, Transportation, Electronic Equipment, Seating, Commercial Equipment, Medical, Store Fixtures, Office Furniture


  • Laser: (5) Amada – Including 2 fiber lasers
  • Turret Punch: (2) Amada
  • Press Brake: (10) Bystronic, Amada, Cincinnati
    DeWys Manufacturing and SigmaNEST

    DeWys Manufacturing and SigmaNEST


Continuous Improvement

As improvement steps reached the shop floor, it was decided to streamline cutting operations. In addition to his duties as fabrication supervisor, Alex Middleton also programs machines. He knows the direct impact that software has on productivity. “We had to improve productivity and reduce waste,” said Middleton. “Furthermore, this had to be done while continuing to meet customer-driven requirements.”

DeWys and SigmaNEST

Goals to improve fabrication included:

  • Remain Customer-Driven
  • Streamline Processes
  • Eliminate Unwanted Costs
  • Reduce Excess Movement
  • Carry Less Inventory
  • Continually Improve

“Like No Other Software”

A search to upgrade nesting software led to SigmaNEST®. “The difference is night and day,” said Middleton. “We went from a manually-driven process to pure automation.” Because SigmaNEST is agile and user-friendly, programming can be done at the machine level. This has allowed DeWys Manufacturing to reduce the number of needed programmers by about two-thirds. “We now quickly import SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies, select the job, hit a button and allow SigmaNEST to handle all programming. SigmaNEST streamlines cutting operations like no other software. It has paid for itself in about two years.”

The SigmaNEST Difference:

  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Programming Simplified to Push of a Button
  • Nesting/Yield Improvement
  • 4% Reduction in Scrap
  • 2/3 Fewer Programmers Needed

Even Bigger Savings

DeWys Manufacturing uses SigmaTEK’s SimTrans™ to bridge Machine Console™ and Color-Offload™ directly to their MRP system. After being drawn from MRP (or manually maintained), a work load is prioritized based on given attributes. Machine Console draws from that work load, determines an optimum nest and specifies the sheet to be used. SimTrans ties the demand generated by the MRP to consoles on the shop floor. It is also integrated into the backend of fabrication to issue material back to the MRP when cutting is completed.


“At first we were leery about putting production in the hands of a fully automated system,” said Middleton. “Especially since we run full production on the weekends when there is little to no support staff available, but this has proven not to be an issue.”

Likewise inventory accuracy has improved dramatically. Before entrusting SimTrans with transactions, there were large discrepancies between what was available on the floor and that shown in inventory. “Now it is very rare to run short of material,” concluded Middleton. “If anything, we typically have extra material on hand when we cycle count.”

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