New SigmaNEST Partner in China

In July 2015, BODA, a leading CNC cutting machine manufacturer in China, chose SigmaTEK Systems as an OEM partner for their state-of-the-art machines. Known for their oxyfuel and plasma cutting machines, BODA determined in order to improve upon their success, they needed software which delivered the best results to their customers.

BODA first contacted SigmaTEK through a web request regarding a tube machine, which led to on-site visits and one-on-one training to support their needs. From that first contact in 2012 to today, our relationship has grown and evolved to the present full partnership.


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Our Story: From Brazil to the United States to China

In March 2012, BODA realized their current software cost them more than they wanted to spend, and began looking for new possibilities. A machine operator in the Brazil BODA office visited the SigmaNEST website and made contact by asking for a quote. The request included information regarding software solutions for a tube cutting machine. The SigmaNEST Brazil sales representative received the request, assessed the situation, and involved the BODA headquarters office in China, as well as the Brazil office in his response.

The SigmaTEK team scheduled on-site visits with BODA employees and managers to determine the full extent of their processes and needs. They discovered BODA’s challenge of running a 5-Axis tube machine with their current software, which had trouble handling the complexity of the cutting processes. After an initial trial period, BODA signed a contract with SigmaTEK and installed SigmaTUBE software onto their machine.

By July 2013, BODA’s China office requested additional software for their new generation tube machine. BODA reached out and contacted a partner of SigmaTEK, who supplied them with the tube software they needed for their new machine.

New Machines, New Software

Building on their past success with SigmaNEST and SigmaTUBE, when BODA purchased new oxyfuel and plasma machines in 2014, their first step was to ask SigmaTEK for software.

SigmaTEK’s China office took the opportunity to investigate BODA’s needs, and met with teams of five to ten representatives on-site on a biweekly basis. SigmaTEK engineers recommended individualized plans for each BODA machine, including software, planning costs, and a timeline for results. SigmaTEK representatives spoke to shop floor operators, managers, and directors in order to meet their needs on every level.

Current Machines Supported

  • Laser – Techno (filter)
  • Oxyfuel – Techno
  • Plasma – Techno
  • Plasma (Drill) – Techno + Drill Module
  • Plasma (Small Hole) – Techno + BHQ
  • Plasma Bevel
  • Plasma Tube
  • Techno Bevel

Official OEM for SigmaTEK

When BODA compared competitor quotes, they chose to partner with SigmaNEST for the best pricing and for the support offered at their locations worldwide. Each machine in their product line runs with SigmaTEK software, which helps to reduce costs and labor, and increase productivity. As BODA strives to reach their goals, SigmaTEK will continue to support and help them achieve their best into the future.

For more information on how SigmaNEST, SigmaTUBE, and other SigmaTEK software can benefit you and your company, please contact us by clicking here.

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