Diamond Heavy Haul Diamond Heavy Hull

Heavy Equipment Trailers


  • Facility: 80,000 Square Feet
  • Software: SolidWorks and AutoCAD
  • Fabrication: Plasma & Press Brake

Monster Trailers – Monster Fabrication
Diamond Heavy Haul produces a variety of trailers that include massive 38-axle Superdual-Lane haulers. All I-beams are custom-made on the company’s 11′ x 85′ plasma table.

SigmaNEST automatically separates the part elements and nests them utililizing common-line cutting to increase material utilization.
Steve Nadolsky, 3D CAD Software Designer, Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc.


Seamless Integration
When a design change is made in SolidWorks the file is quickly opened in SigmaNEST. Here part elements are automatically separated and nested using common-line cutting to increase material utilization. A new program is then sent to the plasma machine for cutting. The integrated process is quick and reliable.

ResultsDiamond Heavy Hull

  • In addition to the speed that comes from an integrated manufacturing environment, remnant tracking has also been a big advantage.
  • Material costs are saved through yield improvement and reuse. Remnants are managed within SigmaNEST where they are cataloged and recalled for future use.
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