SigmaNEST KnowledgeBase supplements our existing telephone and email support for common issues as well as provide advanced tips, customizations, or settings to help users get the most out of their SigmaNEST experience. Here you will find 3 different types of content:

  • Questions – The system is community based so any members can ask a question and anyone can answer. Give “high-fives” for great questions or thoughtful answers.
  • Posts – Articles written by SigmaTEK providing some troubleshooting insight, offer a basic introduction and walkthrough on a feature or function, or go in-depth on some advanced functionalities such as automation or report customization.
  • Series – Articles that are sequential or closely related are grouped into a series. You can read through the articles in order and follow along as you go (kind of like a “knowledge playlist”).

There are also additional notification features that allow you to subscribe and track a post or question, follow another member’s activity, or subscribe to daily or weekly digests.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to begin using KnowledgeBase.

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