One of the problems in fabrication is in the time it takes to sort parts when they have been nested for cutting. To fit many parts onto one sheet of material, the pieces need to be placed as tightly as possible to save material. In addition, the cutting patterns need to be planned to achieve the best time through the cutting process. But sorting those parts into the corresponding work orders after cutting can take a lot of time and manpower. SigmaNEST solves that problem by making the sorting process as easy as possible with Load Manager and Color Offload.

SigmaTEK’s SimTrans is an on-line transaction management solution that bridges Enterprise Resource Planning programs (ERP) with fabrication.

LoadManagerLoad Manager: This program eliminates production bottlenecks by allowing jobs to be scheduled according to machine availability.  Load Manager literally puts scheduling flexibility at your fingertips.

color offload SigmaNEST

Color OffLoad: When mixing work orders Color OffLoad groups parts according to the jobs to which they belong.  This simplifies sorting after cutting. Parts related to a specific order share the same color on the nest layout.

Learn more about Load Manager and Color OffLoad from the SigmaTEK Services Group. For complete shop floor control, SigmaNEST leads the way in CAD/CAM and automation software, and solves the problem of sorting work orders with Load Manager and Color Offload.

See for yourself!  Request a SigmaNEST demonstration today.

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