SigmaNEST TrueShape™ builds from the AutoNEST core functionality and adds more dynamic, part-in-part nesting for reducing or eliminating scrap. TrueShape is compatible with plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, punch, and combo machines.

TrueShape Spec Sheet


  • Automatic part pattern recognition
  • Part-in-part nesting
  • Accurate cost and time estimators
  • Adaptive nesting for multi-head machines
  • Drag, drop, and bump features
  • Automatic and manual true shape nesting
  • Automatic NC toolpath generation and optimization
  • Extensive, fully customizable standard shapes library


  • One software programs all major profile cutting and punching machines
  • Optimal material utilization to reduce scrap
  • Maximum flexibility in file conversion and importation
  • Custom shapes can be saved into standard part library for future use
  • Streamline planning with accurate time and cost estimates before cutting


  • Save engineering time throughs simplified programming and more efficient machine output
  • TrueShape nesting provides maximum yield per sheet
  • Handle more orders in less time
  • Completely customizable through SigmaNEST’s open architecture

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