SigmaNEST Techno™ optimizes machine through-put with advanced nesting and NC programming, including common-line, bridge, and chain cutting. Techno functionality increases machine productivity, manages remnants, and minimizes scrap, and is ideal for plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, router, knife cutters and combination machines. Punch has its own Techno module.

Techno Spec Sheet


  • Automatic and manual advanced true shape nesting
  • Automatic part pattern recognition
  • Adaptive nesting for multi-head machines
  • Accurate cost and time estimators
  • Drag, drop, and bump features
  • Common- line, bridge and chain cutting
  • Pre-piercing and tip-up crash avoidance


  • One software programs all major profile cutting and punching machines
  • Higher levels of continuous cutting with minimal pierces
  • Maximum flexibility in file conversion and importation


  • Reduce or eliminate expense related to scrap
  • Extended life of machine consumables
  • Accurate planning with accurate time and cost estimates before cutting

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